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Weatherization Really Works!!

Do you qualify for Energy Assistance? Do you rent or own your home? If you answered yes to these questions, contact Weatherization Services to find out how we can help SAVE YOU MONEY on your energy bills! Imagine saving on average $500 per year! (DEHCR)

There is NO COST to qualified applicants for Weatherization Services. All work performed is covered by government and energy provider grants!

Discover the Benefits of Weatherizing Your Home!

Determining What Services we Perform


To determine what weatherization measures we may perform, a certified Energy Auditor visits the home to assess its characteristics.


The auditor inputs the gathered information into our energy audit program. The program then provides information to the auditor about whether the proposed work is cost-effective enough to complete. These may include:

  •   Attic and Wall Insulation

  •   Replacement or Repair of:

    •   Furnace

    •   Water Heater

    •   Refrigerator/Freezer

  •   Lighting

  •   Ventilation

  •   Air Sealing


Any weatherization measure being installed requires enough future energy savings to pay for its cost. This means that some measures, such as window and door replacements, commonly cannot be performed.

Rheem Furnace.jpg
Rheem Water Heater.JPG
Light Bulbs
Panasonic Fan Installed.JPG

Emergency Furnace Program


The Emergency Furnace Repair and Replacement Program is for qualified homes with furnaces that are not working or are unsafe.  Call your local Energy Assistance agency immediately if you are experiencing a no heat situation.  

Outagamie County        920-735-0010

Calumet County          800-585-1795

Customer Testimonials



Everyone we have worked with have been absolutely amazing.   We couldn’t have asked for nicer people to work with and help us.  Thank you so much! 





Very blessed to know that there is an organization there for people who do, at times need help. Thank you all!!




Thank you so much! I have seen a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my utility bills already!





This is an excellent program that has been most helpful to anyone on a fixed income.  I have noticed a big difference on the warmth of my home now that it is insulated.





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