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How Can I Save Energy in My Home?

Know Where Your Energy is Being Used/Make Changes/Weatherize Your Home , Let us Help! 


The first step to lowering utility bills is becoming aware of how you use energy. Estimates range, but typical single-family homes spend up to 45% of their utility expenditures on heating and cooling, 16% on water heating, and 13% on lighting. It is easy to see that small changes in those areas will affect your utility usage. 

The Wisconsin Home Energy Plus Low-Income Weatherization Program helped reduce home energy costs for 6,784 households by reducing home energy consumption. Our program improves the energy efficiency of homes by using some of the most advanced technologies, testing equipment, highly trained crews, vetted contractors and safety protocols available in the housing industry. Households participating in the program can save $500 each year on average.  As a result of participation in the program, customer homes are more comfortable—warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

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Water Heater

Water heating accounts for 13% of home energy costs. Replacing your current water heater with an energy efficient one, can help lower your energy usage.


Appliances older than 10 years can use over 3 times the energy as new models. Replace the old with energy efficient models and keep temperatures within recommended ranges.


CFL bulbs use a quarter of the energy as standard light bulbs. But LED lighting reduces energy usage to a whopping 75% and lasts 25 times longer than incandescent lights!

Attic & Wall

Attic and wall insulation help to keep warm air in and cold winters out. It's like a jacket for your home!


Air Sealing reduces cold air from seeping through gaps or cracks in the house. Keep the heat out in the summer too!

Heating System

Energy efficient heating systems along with programming the thermostat  back by 5 degrees when away or in the evening can lower your bill by 5-10%!

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